Final line

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I still feel like it isn’t real but I know I will finally realize it at home. I really don’t wanna come back to Irkutsk as it will certainly be really disappointing and unusual after all these bright light, skyskrapers and really diverse people on the street. I adore everyday ( but mostly every night and evening) here as New York is one of a few little dreams that came true. However, I’m still not sure why it is like this: does it happen because this city is so beatiful itself or because of how it amazing it looks on each and every photo?

At home I hope to see all my friends who I haven’t seen together from last summer. I will make loads of posts in Instagram, I will talk with people about USA, show them that reaching it is real and USA itself is real, it is nor a myth from newspapers, nor a picture from Instagram. It is not ideal: people have loads of problems with racism, insurans and education. It is not full of such issues and hatred to russians. I should show it as nobody else will. Of course, there are a lot of media all around, but I am a person who my community certainly trusts, that’s my experience and my thoughts and I will start a conversation.

The most memorable things I had included mostly sightseeing: I and my friend Dasha Gorshenina, who I met on the program, went alone in the evening the path from the Capitol to Lincoln memorial and visited Brooklyn Bridge at night. That are the places which surely should be visited at the dark time of the day and, preferably, alone. Those things are what you should feel through. Those places are where you really meet the city. From the professional point of view I really wondered VPR and WGBH visits , those were super cool to understand how Public media works (after it I started thinking about launching some such projects in Russia and their viability).

And, thanks to Keith from our mediacamp, I will probably easier communicate with Adobe Premier in the future.

I will certainly stay connected to our tutors and people who we met in the editions. They gave us their contacts and inspired to write if it is necessary ( who knows, maybe that’s just about politness, but one of them is already helping me to find a good book about investigative journalism). I will certainly continue to mix with some people from our MEGA group. I will certainly continue taking photos as they taught me). I will certainly remember and reflex for a long time on the symbols of the USA: democracy, freedom and equality. I will make something out of this, there are a lot of things left to think of.

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