Totals are always associated with end of something. That`s why I don`t want to sum up the program “MEGA” – I don`t want to admit that everything has ended.

It was marvelous time! The time full of new knowledge, adventures and discoveries that divided my life into before and after.

I remember our first pre-departure operation, where we only discussed our future plans for the next four weeks. Even that time I heard all details with great amazement and couldn`t trust that I was waited for. It was as I turned to parallel world where all my dreams had come true.

First of all I was waited self-determined from the “MEGA” program. I didn`t know what I would like to do being a journalist and whether I should be in this profession or not. I was like confused journalist which lost faith in future of its profession.

Thanks to the program and all professional meetings in outlets we attended I`ve understood my place in television. As a radio host I`ve got lots of knowledge how Russian radio should be developed in our country to have more popularity among audience.

“MEGA” afforded me to trust I have to be in journalism, that I can do more in this life than simply to work to get money for living.

We were lucky with itinerary and plan of the program. We visited to wonderful cities, saw different America – pompous, cine and simple, what ordinary Americans live in and walk dogs. We took colossal contrast between loud metropolises and provincial quiet cities where there are not almost people. We observed skyscrapers from the 86th floor and swam in a mountain river with American children. We tried all traditional American food and could get into jeans what we had come to in initially!

We got acquainted with professionals from different outlets which inspired us to create new media projects returning to home.

We saw how American outlets work and it will afford us to improve our work in Russian media.

At least we made sure that Americans like Russians. They are interested in our culture and traditions. Many of them were in Russia or would like to be in our country. It was so rear case when we told about politics and presidents. Our communication was about life and how it is great to become a part of such project as “MEGA”.

Returning to home I can`t stop telling my family and friends how wonderful that trip was. In all sides! “MEGA” gave me not only professional high but also new friends, inspiration to build my life the way I dream and lots of memories that I will never forget.

Thanks very much!

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