Middle – but not even half

How do you think living abroad plays into helping you succeed in your future career?

Well, actually, mass media in the USA is more free than in Russia ( exhibition in ‘Newseum’ shows that USAs’ press has 52 points ( out of 100) of  while in Russia has only 17/100).

Living in the USA and visiting local media helps to compare both mediasystems, more deeply, profoundly analyse them, find cons I wouldn’t notice in Russian system otherwise and check out for some details that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to learn. Thinking more freely, using their business model, making friends with people from local media is precious. Especially the last option as they may be sources of very rare information – they’re journalists, people aware of almost everything happening there.

Have you met any professionals or professors this program who’ve inspired you? What have you learned from them?

Yes, sure. That were guys from WGBH who are making so intruguing and good looking documentaries, people from local Vermont mass media who are really concerned about their community, director of the ProPublica, investigative journalism media that works for the whole country and Keith, former journalist, teacher in the Champlain College nowadays. All of them are highly professional, all of them struggle for doing their job, they know know their mission, they found their way, they are confident in what they are doing. I Hot some skills of work in the apps and programs , they recommended some books and media, but what I really learnt is to stay loyal to the journalist mission, be on a job even in details in ordinary, daily life.

Have you gained any advice this year that you will use in your professional career?

” Journalists are not allowed to make a mistake. “, “Mass media is a watchdog for government. ” and ” Your picture, your texts and videos are your weapon against any issue. Make your job –  save lifes”.

What personal or professional skills have you gained from being abroad that you will use throughout your future career? What skills do you still hope to strengthen?

I have done a big progress in making videos using technics of fast work with Premier – it definetly will be useful. However, I still hope to learn writing english journalistic texts and taking photos.

Have your experiences during this program changed your career/academics plans?

Probably, yes . I will try to enter Harvard or some other USA universities for MA. I will try to get to know more about social and investigative journalism. Maybe, I will try to become an international journalist. Who knows.. The time will show.

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