All the fun is just beginning

To be honest, I did not believe until the last moment that I’ve won the competition of the MEGA program. Even after getting «the letter of happiness». Even after getting the visa J-1. Even after packing my suitcase. Even after arriving to Boston. I just could’t realise that my dream came true.

I haven’t suffered from cultural shock. I knew that American people are always polite and easy to get in touch with tourists. At first time it was strange that all people speak English. But in a few days I caught myself thinking that I speak English and at the same time think in English. In general, my adaptation in the US was no problem.

Another my task was to try journalistic work in the US. You know, American journalists are very similar with Russian journalists. They have the same convictions to serve the public and to produce truthful information. We found a common language fast. And my personal video project was done successfully at Champlain college. Thank’s for my teachers at Champlain college, I could contact with Burlington police and interviewed deputy chief John Murad. Link:

So, all the fun is just beginning.

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