Last but not least

The realization that I was finally in the U.S. and my dream came true came to me when we arrived in Washington. We just checked into the hotel and walked to the Capitol. It was already late, there were no people around. I stood with a friend at the walls of the Capitol and just cried from happiness. We were just in the city which we had previously seen only in pictures, movies or TV shows. And then it was a reality. That was our life. You came to the realization that you achieved this goal. And the problems in Russia are nothing. You can easily cope with them in the future.

I already know what I will do upon returning home. I want to continue my work on the TV-channel 78 and improve my skills as a TV-producer. I also want to implement my educational project on the development of media literacy in the field of human rights. Start cooperating with ODE-info and Mediazone. And now I know that I will succeed.

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