Napoleon Plans for Future

Living and learning abroad gives me an additional point in CV, that other candidates applying on the same vacancy won’t have. HR specialists will be interested in me as employee more because of this fact. It also helps me to think wider, understand contrast opinions on different political and social issues, etc. Being in another country, I learn differences between cultures of homeland and other nation, make my English skills better and speak with interesting people. It is useful for my journalistic work.
I was absolutely inspired by our professor Keith. He is a wonderful man with perfect sense of humor, open-minded person and experienced professional. Keith talked with us on different themes – from work to family. From him I got a vital point: you should work, but never forget about your family. Now I work a lot, so sometimes don’t have time to meet friends or chat with parents. But I should try to make a good life-work balance in order not to become exhausted of my lovely work. It’s very important to have a rest from work and education – I got it clearly from our professor and absolutely agree with him.
At the same time, I gained some good advices. For example, now I understand that there are much more sources to make my work faster and prove the reliability of sources that I use when writing articles. It can be sites, apps that give this opportunity. The other point that I got is that you should try as much as possible. I usually work with texts and pay attention to video and audio production just for fun. If work more with it, I’ll make achievements in these spheres. So, the end of 2019 year I’ll work on themes where I don’t have enough skills.
During my life I thought that I’m a very emotional person who sometimes becomes aggressive because of people’s behaviour. But this month abroad with company of 19 unknown participants gave me an understanding that I’m a really patient and non conflict person. Now I think that I can solve every problem and situation without the help of other people and find a way to become friends with everyone. What about professional skills, I learned how to write scripts, edit videos, make interviews in English, edit sound. I’ll strengthen these skills during this and next year.
I understood that I’d like to change sphere of my work – from lifestyle journalism to inernational and analytical journalism. At the same time, I’d like to get a master degree in Europe. I don’t know how to combine working and studying, but I’ll think about it and try to find a decision.

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