The life perception process is running

A team of 20 people in gray t-shirts slowly moves around the airport, dragging huge suitcases. When one is lost, they are recalculated by numbers. Then they continue to go further. Moscow – Amsterdam – Boston. 10 hours in the sky. And they’re on the other side of the hemisphere. American flags. The passport control. And the most cheerful Renee with the mega Welcome sign.

500 clicks on the camera button and endless requests “can you take a picture of me?” to those who are not yet remembered by name. But you know for sure that she is her – because she is in a gray t-shirt.

Sunny Boston. Street dancers and a musician with the voice of Ed Sheeran. Seafood lunch and the incessant smell of the Atlantic. And then the American subway, a card from the door and a neighbor Masha, with whom we managed to find a common language. We open the door, sigh and flop on the bed. We’re finally there! Finally, you can pinch yourself and understand that all this is in the reality.

Morning. We leave the room and wrap ourselves in a sweater, because Americans love air conditioning. I see American Pancakes. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Freshly baked with maple syrup. Coffee and anticipation of an incredible experience.

I remember meeting Mark Leccese, a veteran reporter from the Boston Globe. This is the same edition that I consider in my course work. I managed to pick up with Mark and exchange contacts with him. He asked me to write to him on any question that I would have. The next stop – WGBH, where we had one of the most productive meetings. And also practiced to get an Emmy Reward, which is sure to get in a few years😊

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