This is America!

This is America! A country where you can feel the spirit of democracy, fairness and struggle for your rights. Every intercultural experience for me is a way to broaden my horizon in any possible way: as a communicator, a traveler, a person and after this trip as a professional. More I dive into this culture, more I see opportunities for my future career, more I see how it will be better to change things in my own country. I learned how to compare different structures in both countries and take best from each of them. America teaches me to fight for justice, be brave and know that truth will win in the end. I am impressed how people hold the first amendment of the Constitution, how professionals whom we met talked about this and how professors taught us to use it on practice through different tasks. This is a nation build on bright clearness of their rights. And now I know how to invent it here in my life. I am glad that now I have more strength to develop myself in my professional way and I am more sure that I chose the right path. Helping and enlighten people is a priority for me.

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