Build your future with the MEGA

· How do you think living abroad plays into helping you succeed in your future career?

I think that living abroad helped me expand my mindset. Living abroad may be more difficult because the culture, lifestyle and work mentality is so different, but by living abroad I think people are able to improve their communication skills, gain new experiences and expand their international network.


· Have you met any professionals or professors during this program who’ve inspired you? What have you learned from them?

Yes, we were lucky to learn from Keith Oppenheim and JD from Champlain College. We had fascinating lectures about American journalism, media literacy, and World News. The most breathtaking part of the MEGA was the engaging projects we worked on. I was nervous at first because it was my first time shooting and cutting a news report. I used to work in journalist roles as an interviewer, but had never previously been videotaped. I’m very thankful for the help, support, and knowledge of our professors. 


· Have you gained any advice this year that you will use in your professional career?

In today’s information society, media literacy is becoming ever more important. During the program we were taught to better understand how to work with the information flow, to distinguish what is fake news, and to be unbiased in journalism. 

Here are a few principles of media literacy:

1.   Use several sources of information with different points of view.

2.   Check the authenticity of any media source.

3.   Find out who created this information.

4.   Analyze content and data.

5.   Develop critical thinking.

I’m sure that all of the knowledge I have gained will help me in a professional career. 


· What personal or professional skills have you gained from being abroad that you will use throughout your future career? What skills do you still hope to strengthen?

We had an amazing time studying at Champlain College. As a result, we learned a lot about different spheres of journalism in the USA. I was excited to visit the Newseum in Washington DC, where we explored media history, the fight for freedom of speech, and journalism ethics.

My experience with MEGA further cemented my goal of becoming a TV journalist.

· Have your experiences during this program changed your career/academics plans?

The media exchange for global achievement program gave me a wonderful opportunity to not just learn more about media literacy and media in the US, but also to understand my future career goals. 

This one month program has even made me decide to apply for a master degree in journalism in the US.

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