It was MEGA

· How do you feel now that your program is almost over? What emotions do you have?

I will forever be grateful as MEGA was probably the best experience of my life. I admire the people from our group and their journalistic projects. They continue to motivate me and give me the inspiration to work in the media sphere.


· What do you hope to do upon your return home? How will you share what you learned this year with your family, friends, and community?


When I came home I’ve reviewed all of my notes from the lectures and seminars. Following MEGA I have started to become even more interested in media literacy and pay greater attention to international media resources and seek unbiased news.

Now I am spreading my new knowledge about media literacy with my family and friends. 

Moreover, I’m telling everybody that “Nothing is Impossible”. In September of 2018 I wrote to KPI to go to the USA the following summer, but I never really thought it would actually happen. When I first read my acceptance letter from MEGA I thought it was too good to be true. I’m very thankful to all my friends and family members who have helped and supported me.


· What are the most memorable things you had? What have you learned that you can and will use in your everyday life, in professional activities and education back in Russia? 

I can’t mention just one thing. It was awesome to have been able to visit  Boston, Burlington, Washington D.C., and New York. 


· What do you hope to do to stay connected to your MEGA experience in the U.S.? What new memories, skills, friendships, or habits will you carry with you?

During MEGA I met fantastic people. I loved our managers: Nadya and Den, and I met Kate from Kaliningrad and we have become close friends. Through my experience in the U.S. with the MEGA I accidentally fell in love with America.

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