It’s just the beginning!

Being back in Moscow makes me reflect on my MEGA-experience quite a lot. It is especially hard to sum up all my thought and create some kind of farewell-post because I keep drowning in the endless flow of memories where Broadway intertwines with Montpelier and then gets changed by maple syrup and The Boston Globe.

We danced in the rain on the Brooklyn Bridge; we filmed, edited and filmed again in Burlington; we stayed curious and open-minded; we argued over ethical cases in Newseum and just tried to find out a little more about each other and the country which surrounded us during this month.

These four weeks were full of adventures, emotions and revelations, so I can hardly describe it all in two hundred words. However, now I know for sure that any exchange program is a life-changing experience because when you come back and find everything exactly in the same form in which you had left it, you can clearly see how much has changed in you. I, for instance, turned from a girl who used to hesitate and panic before asking questions or speaking publicly into a girl who feels much more secure in herself in these kinds of situations.

MEGA, thank you so much for believing in all of us and for designing every single one of these twenty-eight encouraging and inspiring days. And, of course, I would also like to thank all of the participants because you guys, like the program itself, are undoubtedly mega.

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