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How was I feeling as I prepared to depart for the U.S.? How am I feeling now?

I supposed this trip to be a pivotal moment in my life and it turned out to be so. I feel full of energy to study, work and develop professional skills further. Moreover, I determine one industry which I want to work in. That was part of my main goal.

What do I like best about my new community?

Speaking about my group mates, it’s incredibly cool to hang out with people who more likely will be my colleagues. I appreciate this opportunity to share the experience with guys on the same wavelength.

What are some similarities and differences I’ve noticed between the U.S. and Russian life?


  1. Our countries both appreciate family values.
  2. We worry about our education and medicine systems.


  1. The idea of appearance and nice clothes more often preoccupies the mind of Russian girls. 
  2. Russian people get and spend a much smaller amount of money. I mean we accurately spend them not wasting as Americans do.
  3. There is no doubt that we have different rights and duties (LGBTQ, same-sex couples, drugs, taxes)
  4. We do not talk to strangers outdoors as easy as they do

What have I learned so far from the people I’ve met?

Reputation is the most important thing for a journalist. One TV host said to us that when we were on WCAX3 channel.

What am I looking forward to? What am I concerned about?

I have no concern. I only hope to get maximum from rest of the trip.

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