The equator

How do I feel now that program is almost over? What emotions do I have?

I’m not disappointed at all. I realize that after the ending of that program comes a new step of my life. How our tutors Nadya and Denis said: it isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it’s just different.

What do I hope to do upon your return home? How will I share what I learned this year with my family, friends, and community?

First of all, I will meet with my friends and tell them real funny stories from the trip. I believe that to be the best way to introduce American life pleasantly and easily. Secondly, I eager to make an educational video dedicated to media literacy. I want to share that with my university and PH international especially.

What are the most memorable things I had? What have I learned that I can and will use in my everyday life, in professional activities and education back in Russia? 

I’ve improved my video editing skill more. It will never be useless. What impressed me most was «Museum» in Washington. I enormous amount of useful information about journalism ethic.

What do I hope to do to stay connected to your MEGA experience in the U.S.? What new memories, skills, friendships, or habits will I carry with me?

Honestly, I incredibly glad to make friends with people from my professional sphere. I hope, no… I’m sure we will stay in touch for years. Maybe, one day somebody of those 20 guys will be my colleague.

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