The last but not least

How do I think living abroad plays in helping me succeed in my future career?

It’s hard to underestimate the impact of that program in the future career. MEGA does not only bring indispensable experience but also makes my CV prestigious.

Have I met any professionals or professors this program who’ve inspired me? What have I learned from them?

A lot. Starting with our teacher in Champlain college (Keith and JD) and ending people from different newsrooms. The most inspiring person for me is Anush Elbakyan. She is an Emmy award-winning producer, multimedia journalist and the Senior Video Editor and Video Director for the Boston Globe. The reason why I was so impressed is simple. Anush shared her real story of success, how she moved to America, studied and found a perfect job.

Have I gained any advice this year that I will use in my professional career?

One of them told us Anush. She advised creating a personal site with professional information. All experience may be presented in multimedia ways: text, photo, audio and video. It may help in applying for a job.

What personal or professional skills have I gained from being abroad that I will use throughout my future career? What skills do I still hope to strengthen?

I improved my video editing skills. Keith showed a lot of secrets which will help to make that process easier. Nevertheless, I still hope to develop my oratorical skills. So I should start work on the radio in the nearest future.

Have my experiences during this program changed my career/academics plans? 

I only strengthen my eager to become a professional in the media share. What I appreciate the most that my horizons have expanded. Now I know a lot of ways of continuing my education and career. MEGA makes me pondering about possible getting a master’s degree in the USA.

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